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Cel Light On And The Vsc


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I have a 2001 RX 300...the CEL came on with a code for the VVT sensors..I changed them both but the CEL came back on. The code was the same...I contacted the auto parts store and they were good enough to swap them out incase I got bad ones....the light came back on again. It was suggested I also change the Crankshaft sensor as well. Did that too. Light keeps coming back on with the same codes.. any help is greatly appreciated.

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Not sure how things are in Penna. but my neighbors 2001 RX300 has had those lights on for over 12 years and nothing detrimental has come of it. I coded it and it said the same things you replaced. If you are in a non-plug in state, it apparently doesn't mean much. In Virginia you can pass inspection with a CEL illuminated assuming all else is well of course.


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