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Headligh Assembly Bracket 2008 Rx350

Southwest Jim

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Can someone with HID headlights check this for me please?

I recently sold my Jag XJ8L and bought my first Lexus, a 2008 RX 350 with 69K miles.

I'm really happy with the RX and have been using the forum resources to help with the little diddly things you'd expect to fix on an 8 year old car.

Last night, with the help of the tutorial on the forum I replaced the gooey tailgate switch assembly.

I have not been able to find a parts diagram that helps with this next question, so I hope someone will assist.

I have HID headlights. On the back of both headlight assemblies is a stamped sheet metal bracket which has a large diameter hole surrounded with a foam rubber ring. This bracket rests on a heavier bracket bolted to the fender. The heavier bracket has a tapped hole that lines up with the large diameter hole in the headlamp bracket.

This sure looks like there should be a machine screw holding these two together, but neither side has one. I don't want to just bolt them firmly together as I don't know if the larger hole is to allow alignment, or if the bolt is supposed to be a shoulder bolt that would allow the two brackets to move around a bit.

Can anyone tell me if these are supposed to be bolted together, and, if so, is it firmly bolting the two brackets together, or is there supposed to be a shoulder bolt or sleeve which would allow some movement, but keep them from getting completely out of contact?

Thanks in advance,


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First off, you've posted in the ES350 forum, so few will have an answer for you.

Second, Why not just track down another RX350 and ask the guy to pop his hood so you can get a look?

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