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Replacing Brake Pads Is Super Easy....


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Just got done replacing brake pads on my 2002 LS430 and wanted to share with you just how easy it is to do. So, if you are at all hesitant, or have little confidence, rejoice. This is a job you can do.

In all of my years of replacing brake pads, I have never seen a system so well thought-out. Kudos to Lexus on the LS430. In fact, raising the car and taking the wheels off and putting them back on takes more time than replacing the pads.

There are video tutorials you should watch first but this would be a good first DIY for someone. The passenger side brakes are just slightly more difficult due to a pad sensor connection but still pretty simple.

The job is literally, pull a pin, slide out the old, compress the pistons back in (easy with a larger screwdriver of small pry bar), slide in the new, reinsert the pin and done.

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Gonna give an, "I'll second that" to the OP.  It helps if you have past experience already with working on brakes, but indeed my 2006 LS 430 was probably the most well designed and easiest to work on of any I have ever owned before.

Just did my rear brakes and even including replacing the rotor disks it was simple as pie for a good handyman.  For the disks you just remove the two 19mm bolts holding the caliper, swap the disks out then put the caliper right back on.  Then you proceed with removing/replacing the pads as described in the OP.  (Easier to change out with the calipers in place IMO.) 

Yep, hardest part of the job by far was getting the confounded tire back lined up for reinstallation.  Doesn't help I am getting so old and weak that I probably couldn't bench press the weight of one tire anymore.

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