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2008 Rx400h Gas Engine Issue

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I apologize in advance for the long post, but it seems our car is a mystery to Lexus. I have a 2008 rx400h that is a work horse with 160k miles. Last month the car shuddered when entering a highway. The car shuddered again and the "check vsc system" light came on and the "check hybrid system" came on as well. I lost propulsion, but the electrical and other systems continued working. After waiting an hour for the tow truck and tightening the gas cap the car started again, the lights went away and everything seemed to be working. After 13 miles the same thing happened again so we had the car towed to the dealer.

The dealer will have had our car 4 weeks tomorrow. The computer is putting out codes relating to the fuel system. According to the dealer, the engine was thinking it was getting a lean fuel mixture so it was draining the hybrid battery really quickly. They checked the injectors, did the smoke test and, after talking about this with the factory, thought there must he a problem with the fuel pump. The line had pressure, but they couldn't verify what volume was going through the line. They replaced the fuel pump, and the same thing happened again on the test drive. So now we're at a point where they aren't sure how to fix the car, and it sounds like Lexus corporate doesn't know either.

Has anyone had a similar issue with their car? With so many of these cars made, it's hard for me to believe that this is the first time this has happened. The recall for the inverter seemed to indicate that these problems could occur if the inverter wasn't replaced, but we had the recall work done. We're at a point where we just may buy a new car since they don't know what to do. Any help on this is appreciated, and thanks for reading through this.

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this happened on my 350 but it was all gas - it ended up being the coil to the spark plug. Felt like I was going over rumble strips

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Thanks for the response. There weren't any codes for the spark plugs misfiring, but I'll pass this along to the dealer. At this point anything helps!

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