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Entering Phone Numbers In 2006 Rx330

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In my 2006 RX330 I was able to transfer single numbers to my phone/nav system via bluetooth. Now, I have an iPhone which does not support that and I cannot find any way to enter new numbers manually or to edit existing numbers that have changed.

What is the solution for this? Is there a hack available or do Dealers have some way to enter/edit phone numbers via some device? Any ideas are appreciated.

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Sometimes it is easier to just delete your phone from the nav system and then to set up and pair your phone again.

My understanding is that my 2014 Toyota Sienna has the same generation 5 navigation system used in the 2006 to 2009 Lexus RX - far from the current generation 8 but it works well enough.

I can add a contact directly to the address book in my Sienna by following these steps:

Press the Off-hook button the steering wheel.

Press the "Contacts" button on the nav screen.

Select "Options".

Select "Manage Contacts".

Select "New Contact" (or "Edit Contacts" if you wish to change any).

Enter the contact name and press OK.

Enter the contact number and press OK.

iPhones generally don't have as much compatibility with Toyota/Lexus nav/phone systems as Android phones. For example, the nav/phone system in our Prius will read incoming email and text messages aloud from my Samsung S5 (Android) phone and allow me to respond with "canned" replies but my wife's iPhone 6 does not support any of that.

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