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Struts And Springs

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When changing my brake pads.....thanks to the help and guidance from the gang here........ I noticed my struts are finally leaking. Any suggestions on struts? My SC400 is a daily driver so I don't want anything to stiff.

Should I go aftermarket?

Should I go OEM?

I don't remember how the OEM's used to feel. I want something plush enough to not hurt my back everytime I go over a bump on the road, but don't want something too plush.

Any experience on aftermarket struts?

Also, any suggestions for swing arms and sway bars? Would they be compatible with OEM struts?........if I were to go with OEM.

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I read that Tokico and KYB are common aftermarket shocks. The OEM shocks are KYB in the front and Tokico in the back (or vice versa...), but are non-adjustable and don't have a high of a dampening rate as aftermarket. I put on a set of used supra turbo OEM springs and shocks and it dropped the ride height about .6 inches in the back and .35 in the front and the ride quality doesn't seem to have changed.

Sway bars you can put on most supra anti-roll bars but you must buy two rear subframe mounts listed at $80 each ( has a dealer selling it for 62), and you might need a bracket to hold up the bar to the mount.

There's also daizen anti-roll bars, which are supposedly the stiffness you can go. These mount directly to your stock mounting positions and shouldn't pose any fitment problems.

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