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Volume Knob Not Working Along With The Sound

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I've a 2003 lexus GS300 with premium sound radio, not Mark Levinson.
I had some issues with my lexus after mixed the battery poles, had to get ECU reset and change a lot of fuses. Everything seems to be working but the volume/power. Radio seems to be working (finding stations), cd plays, but the volume know doesn't work (along with the sound. No sound at all from the speakers).
If I try to adjust the bass/fidelity to test if the know works - same thing. Can't adjust by turning it. Only power the radio on by pushing the knob. Any suggestions? two weeks with no music now ;(
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Hi Slava and welcome.

Sorry about your loss of music. I feel your pain. With the issue of the switched polarity several things could have happened.

The amplifier may be damaged. You could still change stations an such, but the but part of the amplifier could be fried. Or, a open fuse may be a problem even though you have already changed the fuses. Our tech guru Moderator says the only way to really test for a bad fuse is to use an ohm/volt meter and check from both ends.

If you can eliminate those two issues, you should take it to a well known car stereo shop.


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I had a rough 6 months with no music. Now I finally had time to check everything with a multimeter - all the fuses are fine. I have found a replacement amp on ebay. Was about to buy it but seen the message in the amp description "ECU WILL NEED RECODED TO YOUR CAR". Does that mean there is extra fiddling with ECU after I replace the amp (as I could do it myself)?

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10 hours ago, nightrave said:

OK,  new amp didn't solve the issue :( any other suggestions? Please. Having no music is killing me

Your probably going to need to take your car to a reputable car audio shop. The whole head unit may need to be replaced. In a situation such as this, Lexus does not repair the unit but replace it.

There is an excellent shop in New York called United Radio  ( http://www.unitedradio.com/automotive-electronics/  ) They are able to do repair work which can save some money. Other members have reported good results with their repairs.



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