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93 Es300 Won't Start - Has Spark, Fuel And Compression

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Hello everyone,

I've been chasing my tail on a very puzzling no start condition for about a week now and hopefully somebody can help me get this resolved. About a week ago, I was driving along with no issues whatsoever when suddenly I pulled into a parking lot and stepped on the gas and nothing happened. The car continued to idle ok, but stepping on the accelerator did next to nothing, almost like the throttle cable snapped. Threw it in park, looked under the hood and everything seemed to be mechanically sound (cables, connectors, intake and vaccuum lines, etc.) My first thoughts were tranny, but there was pretty much no real change in rpms when I tried to rev the engine, even in park. I then pretty much floored it and there was a very delayed rise in rpms. The CEL never came on.

Had it towed home and tried to start it. It did start but sounded pretty bad (sputtering) and died after a few seconds. That was the last time it started. Next I Jumped B+ and FP at the data connector to verify fuel pump operation and I'm getting approx. 40 PSI at the fuel rail. Even tried spraying starter fluid into the throttle body and it didnt even sound like it wanted to start. It will crank fine all day long, though. Then I checked for spark by pulling one of the plug wires and connecting it to a spark checker. I'm definitely getting spark but it's not at all blue yet more of yellow-orange in color. Spark plugs are less than a year old. Next, I checked for compression and I'm getting around 150 PSI. Does this sound like my timing belt may have skipped at all? Is it possible that I have such a weak spark that I'm not getting any combustion? Any thoughts or ideas are immensely appreciated!


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I would suspect the fuel pump. Very uncommon in Lexus to fail however if the car was always driven with the fuel tank close to empty, it is very suspect. Never seen many Toyota fuel pumps go south so don't know the symptoms but with GM's, they sputter, are slow to start, then quit. Usually on the Jersey Turnpike from my experience.

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Thanks for your reply. It turned out to be the timing belt. I pried open the belt cover just enough to peek at the belt above the cam gear. It walked halfway off the gear and looks like the other half went through a food processor. So I'll be tackling that tomorrow if the weather cooperates...

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