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Knock Sensor....


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Hi, from the UK, please help!!

Late 2003 RX300 MCU30 3l V6 think is mark 2.... P0330 code comes on, have read up a lot but strange thing is car goes into OD (4th and 5th). Possible slight loss of power at times but not consistent.

I've put some fuel cleaner through, on 2nd tank now but not getting very good mpg.... 70 to the first quarter line.

Hoping it carbon build up as only 56k on the clock and has only been run round town its life I believe. But, after taking up motorway in manual making it rev higher than normal next time I start it engine light and VSC are off.

Any advice? Really don't wanna have to replace bank 2 sensor (and 1 while there).


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you better replace both bank sensors until it deteriorates more -- unless you want to fool the car by putting some lambda cheaters (this i dont' recommend and dont think anyone at this forum can guide you in that direction; in any event, if you select the latter way, i cannot guarantee you'll pass the next emissions inspection or that you'll not have to drive in 4th or below all the time)

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