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2000 Rx300 Driver And Front Passenger Window Problem


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I read the threads about cleaning switches and other solutions but mine acts little differently.
I bought this RX300 in 2007 and the previous owner mentioned about the front windows sometimes acting up.
Now 8 years later, it still has that issue.
Driver side is not that bad but passenger side window always gets stuck on the open position if I lower it and won't come back up as long as I drive the car.
The funny thing is, if I stop for few minutes, turn off the engine and start it back up, I can pull the window up easily and it goes all the way up smoothly and quickly but if I lower it again, it is stuck again. frown.gif
If I stop it in the middle while going up, it sometimes acts up and need to lower it again before I can close the window.
When it works, it works fine and smooth.
And it always goes down without any complain.

As far as I remember, both buttons (driver and passenger side) behave the same way.

Rear two windows don't have any problem.
So what's happening? What to check?


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