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2000 Lexus Rx300 Child Seat Anchor Confusion


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I have a 2000 Lexus RX300 with 115k miles and a 2005 Camry with 112k miles.
RX300's timing belt was replaced at 82k so I guess it has some life left.
That's the reason, I am keeping it and maybe trading the Camry for something else.

I read several threads about child seat anchors and this is what I found:
1999 model only has one child seat anchor behind the rear right seat.
2000 model has two child seat anchor holes on both left and rear seats but not in the middle seat.
Is that correct statement?

I talked to local Lexus dealership about it and first they said, it'll cost me but after directing them to the carseat.org program, they said they can install it but it's available for the middle seat only.
If that's correct, it's no use for people who have two kids.
Confusing. 1387914497.gif
So what should I reply to the dealership?

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I would have sought that a dealer may not be required to put for free something extra in a vehicle which complied with the standards as of *each* of the date when it was manufactured and when it was sold to the first owner.

Try register here (link) and input your car's VIN number and browse through the menu. You'll be able to see both of the aforementioned dates, as well as the owner's manual for your particular model/year car.

The manual should will tell you which seat child anchors to expect, as well as the timing belt change intervals.

Edit: BTW, at the same site you could see if there is any Lexus TBS (technical bulletin) requiring any additional safety work (e.g. child seal restrains) on your car.

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I had the same issue and finally sniffed out the authoritative answer successfully.  See Technical Service Information Bulletin July 29, 2002 B. O. 004-02 (attached).   Lexus didn't start factory installing brackets in all models until 2001.  The bulletin lists pages in any pre-2001 manual, all models where you can find retrofit instructions.  I was lucky enough to have my manual, so I scanned the correct pages for a 2000 RX300 (see below).  NOTE:  The Bracket Sub-Assembly and the bolt are in Part #73709, but it contains only a 10mm spacer, not the required 5mm.  So, add the "CRS Kit"(see bulletin ref) to your parts list.  That's a multi-model kit and contains the required 5mm spacer, along with pieces you won't need.  It's not a pretty solution, but easy, and you're loved one(s) will be safer for your effort.

Lexus RX300 2000 child seat tether anchor install step 3.png

Lexus RX300 2000 child seat tether anchor install steps 1-2.png

Lexus RX300 2000 child seat tether anchor overview.png

Lexus All Models CHILD RESTRAINT Bulletin 2012 bo004l02 .pdf

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