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Fuel Tank Capacity Says 17.... Gauge Shows 15 Gallons

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I just drove to 0 miles remaining in the tank, red light is on, and then even past that by a few miles to where the read out says "refuel please", as in I am completely out of fuel. But then when I stopped for gas, all I could fit in was 15.02 gallons. My manual says the tank holds 17 gallons, does anyone know why this discrepancy exists? Not sure if I really have 2 more gallons in reserve, or what? Thanks.

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This question is asked often. Like LexBob2 suggested, it is what I the 'Stupid Feature" LOL.

Almost all cars use a safety reserve. Lexus typically installs a 17 to 18.5 capacity tank. When my ES light comes on, It will usually only take 14 - 15 gallons. As you've shown, if you simply used common sense you should always be able to make it to a fuel stop before you truly run out. If your in the Stupid category, you'll end up playing chicken with your gas tank. If your driving in hilly country, or running above 75, your going to use more gas than expected.


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