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2015 New Is350 Or 2014 'new' Is350, $3500 Difference


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Sold my old Accord and I am interested in IS350. The dealer sent me a quota last week: $41200 for 2015 new IS350 sedan AWD. Although it is higher than some shared prices in autopriceshare, I am ok with the small price difference (less than $1000).

When I test drove the 2015 model, the dealers also showed me the 2014 AWD IS350, he could give me $3500 off. The problem with that 2014 model is that it already has 5000 miles.

People here must know IS350 better than me. I have two questions and hope someone could give some advice. Firstly, In you own opinion, which one is better? 2014 model or 2015 model. Secondly, For the 2014 model, is it normal that it has 5000 miles already for a 'new' car?

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Hi Timber and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club!

I'm not an expert on the IS family, but I do have some thoughts about the offer your dealer is making.

Both IS models were "refreshed" in 2013 and the 350 and 250 should be the same in features. Refreshed means that some body restyling was done, Interior should be redone as well. Active features, that is AWD for example and shifting software would be the same. Big differance in HP. This one thing, power, I would want to pay extra for features that enhance the 'go fast' capability. Having the larger engine would pay off with a higher trade-in value.

The 5,000 mile would not bother me. That particular car may have been used as a service loaner. A service loaner is a car that was given to customers to drive for a day while their car is being serviced. Service like an oil change or any other item that would make the customer wait more than an 1 hour. The particular car your looking at may not have been a one day loaner and could be from something else. You should get a clear explanation of where the 5,000 miles came from.

The IS - 2014 and - 2015 should be pretty close to being the same.

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There are a lot of factors involved that you haven't mentioned, like options. Some Lexus options are very expensive. Remember, the 2014 will be worth less when you trade it in because it will be a year older and be higher mileage. I personally, considering similarly equipped, would take the 2015. Seeing that you live in WA, the AWD might be important to you....in the south I wouldn't need or care for it. I would make them come off the price more.

Keep us posted and try to include pics. Either way you go, you will love the car.

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