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Steering Wheel Convenience


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Hi All,

my first post here. A couple of weeks back I purchased this 2007 ES 350. As
a first time Lexus owner I feel like some of it’s features are rather overkill
for my needs. I was wondering if I can disable a couple of them... well at least
one would be nice... :glare:
Steering wheel returning to default position each time I shout it off. I
don’t think I need such a silly convenience at all. Completely unnecessary drain on
battery in my opinion. Is there any option of resetting on board computer so the
steering wheel would stay in programmed position all the time. Comments
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I’d rather have it remain stationary. Puts me out of my comfort zone when
backing up on the street and not being able to see oncoming traffic. After
driving Acura cars for the past 12 years where visibility due to Honda low body
type of design philosophy is significantly better it takes time to get
comfortable with this more restricted view. Thanks
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