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Eibach Springs With Stock Shocks

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I'm really thinking about getting the Eibach springs for my 99GS400.

I'm wondering how badly I might need to get new, appropriate shocks? Do I even need different shocks?

I tried a search but couldn't find the answer.

Any new thoughts on the Eibach vs the L-Tuned springs?

(L-Sportline is same as the Eibach, right?)

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I bought Daizen springs for my GS300 and installed them myself without new shocks at all. It doesn't ride bad or anything like that, I've just been told to get new shocks later on though. But if you are going to pay a shop to install the springs in the first place, then I'd just go ahead and get the shocks too since they'll charge you twice for the same job that can be done once.

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Well, unless anyone has any advice, I will be ordering some Eibach springs on Monday.

I think the price was $239 from a local shop.

I'm not looking for much of a stiffer ride, I'd like it to be close to stock but a little stiffer is ok.

I'm also going to order up a buncha 194 wedge bulbs. :) and probably some caliper paint since the wheels will be off.

Ordered clear side marker light covers a little bit ago. :)

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