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  1. I bought Daizen springs for my GS300 and installed them myself without new shocks at all. It doesn't ride bad or anything like that, I've just been told to get new shocks later on though. But if you are going to pay a shop to install the springs in the first place, then I'd just go ahead and get the shocks too since they'll charge you twice for the same job that can be done once.
  2. Here's the car with the wheels and lowered all in the same day. I "MAY" install a wing. I'm not totally sure on that yet though.
  3. TurboGS300, Man it's all good. I did ask right? :D I just kinda visioned them on the car and I did see one GS with them installed and it looked me of course. I'll post pics when I get them installed along with the Daizen spring kit. reigns7703, Yeah I looked at the Dunamis wheel but the valera was like $100 cheaper and they look very close but the panther has the slots cut down to the center of the wheel whereas the Dunamis has it stop right at the lug hole area. They are very similar though. Do you have any pics of your car with those on yet?
  4. I have a GS300 that this rim will be fitted to in the size of 20x8.5 with a 35mm offset. After searching and searching on the clublexus forums for suspension lowering stuff, I decided on the Daizen spring kit along with a Wings West wing as well. I'll post pics before and after all this stuff goes on. The wheels should be here in about a week and the springs in about a week as well. What you think about these?
  5. r00kie, What is the offsets that you have with the 19's and are you staggered from front to rear?
  6. Bluelex, Thanks man. BTW, Neeper won't have those rims out for another 2-3 months they say.....go figure. It's only because I am ready to buy now. What offset do you think will work with 20x8.5 rims all the way around and not give me rubbing problems. I found a few rims that I like but they only go to 8.5's with like 40mm and 45mm offsets. Some have been 42mm offsets. Here are a few that I am looking at:
  7. Brandon, I would shop around some more. I got a 2001 GS300 with just 19,500 miles for $25,795.00 and it was simply mint. I mean not a scratch at all. They were "asking" $29,995.00 but I kept working them. I got it at 4.9% with nothing down as well and a monthly pymt of $460. So I say be patient and look around some more. Get at least a '99-'00 range. Good luck with your decision and advanced congrats on the purchase, Brent.
  8. Thanks NeeZe. I did look on that site but damn they are proud of the rims witht he prices that they have. I am looking at these as well. They are $389 a rim but I haven't called yet about the offsets and availability yet. Thanks again, Brent.
  9. O.K. guys. Thanks for your input and I really value your opinions. I talked to a few other GS300-400 owners(old and new generation) and 98% said that they have never experienced major electrical issues or problems. I think I may skip the warranty all-together.
  10. I have a option to buy a 3 year factory warranty extension for my car at a price of $2,150. It is bumper-to-bumper but is it worth it? I mean does the eletrical systems on these cars go bad anytime soon? That is mainly what the dealer was telling me that I needed to get the extended warranty for(the lectrical components)..............of course, it's another $2,150 in their pocket right? The factory warranty runs out this year since it's a '01 GS300. What you guys think?
  11. Man. I am so mad that I can't find the right wheel with the correct offset anywhere. Neeper has the new Rize wheel coming out, which I like the look but they only offer a 20x8.5. I want a rim with the same offsets as bluelex has listed on here time and time again for everyone.....a 20x8.5 fronts with 44mm offsets and 20x10's on the rear with a 48mm offset but I can't find a 5 star wheel with a deep lip except the NC Forged wheel which is $1,178 a piece :o Do any of you know of any other wheels...prefereably a deep dish 5 star with those offsets and sizes? I am willing to pay $2,500 for "JUST" the wheels but not more. Thanks for any help that any of you may be able to provide, Brent. This is a 2001 GS300 as well.
  12. Looks as if you took the chrome quarter window piece off.
  13. Looks as if you took the chrome quarter window piece off. It also "SEEMS" as if you raised the !Removed! end up a little.
  14. Thanks very much for your response. I value all info on here and the "SEARCH" button too :D I will get the coil-overs instead of the springs though. The L-sportline window spoiler may be the ticket, I don't know. BTW, what is the brand of your body kit?
  15. I just got a gold 2001 GS300 and have found the right 20" rim/tire/offset combo to go with by doing a search here on the forums. But now can any of you tell me if the H&R lowering springs will put the car down like MrSypher or bluelex's cars sit? Or will I need to just get a adjustable coil-over kit? MrSypher, What body kit is that on your car? I have decided to go with that same kit and the rear window upper visar as well. Also what spring/coil-over kit do you use? bluelex, I tried to locate the Zauber Gettins but have not been very successful at finding 'em. Where can I find that rim or a similar wheel. What spring/coil-over kit do you have? Thanks for any help you and others may be able to provide. I really like the car. For a V-6, it sure does have some power. The GS400 was just too much $$ for me at the moment, but nothing a trip to the Lexus dealer can't fix, especially with GS430 badges :D
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