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Passenger Window Won't Stay Up


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On my 2007 Lexus ES350, the front passenger window does not stay up.

Using either the driver's switch or the passenger door switch, the
window rolls up to the top, then comes back down (the other three
windows work fine).

With deft manipulation of the switch, I can get it almost closed.

The only recent 'event' on the car is that I changed the eight year-old
OEM battery two weeks ago; the window began acting up two days ago.

Is this programming that was lost when the battery was removed, or am I looking a regulator/pinch motor issue?


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I found this on another site:

"I spoke with a service tech at the dealership and he told me to do the following each time the battery in disconnected:
To re-initialize the windows, and the sun roof.

Power windws: Push button down until window is 100% open and hold for 3 count, then do the same on the "up" position.

Sunroof: In the closed position, hold the switch in the open position
and will open and close a full cycle then stop, you have then
re-initialized the sun roof."

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Thank you but it looks like someone tried to jimmy the window. The rubber weatherstripping had curled up and the 'pinch motor' was dropping the window. I smoothed the weatherstripping out and the window now works properly.


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