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Lost Lowbeam Headlight 'adapter Plug'

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So I just purchased the car. While looking at it I noticed that drivers side lowbeam was out. No biggie, easy fix. So I bought the H7 bulb, and went to change it out and noticed that there was no bulb in it to begin with, even easier job now, so I thought. Upon racking my brain, trying to clean connectors, getting another bulb, I finally took the passenger side out. That's when I notoiced the 'adapter plug' on the passenger bulb. So now, I've search google for an hour and cant get anywhere. Before I take off to local auto parts stores, was wondering if this is an easy to get part or a Lexus dealer only part. Nearest dealer is 35+miles away. Or does anyone know of a part # to make Google work for me, not against me. By the way, its a 1997 ES300. Thanks in advance for all the help.

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I'll bet what happened was somebody got a wild hair to install HID bulbs (to give it that cool look). What you have is the mess they left installing the transformer. My neighbors kids is doing all that as he continues to ruin a Maxima. Your best bet is to go to a junkyard where you will find the original plugs. Cut them off, bring them home and connect them up. I'd grab the bulbs with them as well then return the one you bought for cash if they work.

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VB, thanks for the assist. However, the factory plug was still there, attached to the car's wiring. I was missing the plastic 'plug' or adapter or what ever it was that goes between the actual bulb and the car's plug. When I purchased the car, there was no bulb in it at all. So I just spliced on a repair H7 plug and made it work. Thanks again.

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