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Hail Damage On 2013 Rx250


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I just had my Lexus dealer repair using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) process some very minor dents ( smaller than a pin point size, about 10 of them, 2 of them on the hood). The dents are so minor, I missed them. The dealer pointed them out during my scheduled maintenance. They can be seen only in certain angle of view. Paid about $2600. When inspecting the hood after the repair, I can locate the place where the PDR took place on one of the dents on the hood. Though the dent cannot be seen now, I can still point to that spot. It is hard to explain, but you can kind of see the spot, it is not like a ding anymore, but you can see slight diffrerence there on very close inspection!

Would like some comments on what to expect when using PDR? Am I being too picky to expect the PDR to look too perfect! Thanks for any input.

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My mom's Avalon was severely hail damaged. We just took it to Abra. They did an awesome job. I never could tell it had been done, but since it was my moms car, I never really gave it a close inspection on the underneath parts.

I bought a black WS6 Trans-Am that had a small dent that looked like maybe the robot that installed the back glass had missed. The dealership paid the Dent Doctor to come to my office and fix it. The kid was great and loved my car. He wouldn't drill in the door jamb so he removed all the plastic in the back and did it through a speaker hole. It was amazing to watch him.

I think as everything it depends on who is doing the job and how much they care about their craft.

I'm sorry your pretty car was damaged.

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