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Power Steering Vacuum Air Control Valve


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Hello all, I own a 1995 Lexus SC400,and after just doing several hundred in repairs three weeks ago including a new power steering pump, alternator, and tires, it looks like something else is now having an issue...the car started groaning really bad a couple days ago especially when turning, and the repair shop is telling me it's the power steering vacuum air control valve. I'm being told that this in an urgent repair, and waiting stands to do long-term damage to the engine if I continue driving the car in the meantime; they say it's leaking power steering oil into the intake manifolds and thus burning oil, if I understood correctly. My insurance company is balking at covering these repairs, and I'm being quoted another couple hundred plus out of pocket in repairs. Pure and simple, coming up with that kind of money after just spending so much on this less than three weeks ago is challenging, to put it mildly. I could really use some recommendations; is this something that can wait, or is it truly as urgent as the shop is claiming? Also, is there potentially the opportunity to repair/patch the old part, and/or get a lower-cost replacement, like a pull from a salvage yard, or perhaps something like the part here?


Thank you! Paul

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