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Rx300 Radio Issues 99-2003


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I have a 2002 RX300. About a year ago, I noticed my AM/FM sound was dead. No static, no sound. I had previously installed a Grom ipod adaptor, through which I was still getting excellent sound. This unit uses the CD changer wiring harness so when I am on CD, it can play out of the GROM unit as if nothing was wrong. When I go to either AM/FM, there is no sound at all.

The antenna goes out without issue. Also if I press seek, it finds the stations which are in the current area without problem.

One other potential issue, is that when I have it on FM for example, and if I have my IPOD playing. I get about 25% sound from my IPOD overriding what should be the FM feed. Again, It is what is playing off the IPOD, however the sound is not extremely loud but it is not a whisper either. I would estimate about 25% of sound volume vs if I press the CD button and it switches to the direct feed on the GROM unit.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Hi Greg and welcome to the club.

That is a real interesting problem! It is certainly true that it doesn't take a very big light bulb to drain a big battery. I've done it mysel!

I would suggest two things. You can buy a relative inexspensive charger at Walmart or Auto Mart, or any place that carries good auto parts. You'll want one that tells you how well the battery is charging.

After a complete charge and the engine will run with no problems under load such as the heat or A/C on. Things should be ok. if not, you'll need to take it in and the charging system checked., and the batteries are still able to hold a deep charge.

Let us know what you find out..


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