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What To Do For A 120k Tune Up ?

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Hi folks, I have a 92 es300 with 120k miles on it. I havent really had a tuneup since I can remember. The last tune up was well before 100k i'm thinking. Anyway, what all should I get done if I plan to get a tune up soon. No real problems with the car but I would like it running at its best performance.



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Mike, do you remember when the last time you changed the timing belt (if at all)? Now would be the time to do it for sure, perhaps changing the water pump at the same time is wise too. Check your Lexus owners manual or try doing a search on here as well. There are ton's of info on the 90 - 120k service. If you don't have your owners manual, I'd suggest getting one. Spark plugs, wires, air filter, PCV valve, fuel filter, injector flush, throttle body cleaning, transmission fluid change, power steering fluid change, brake fluid change, rad flush would all be on my list but It all depends what service you have performed in the last year or two & welcome to the club! B)


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