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New Owner....95 Sc400


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Have for existing vehicle an actron 9575 scanner. OBD port in my newly purchased 95 SC400 appears to be only 17 pin semi circular. Even tech at local Lexus dealer was surprised not to find a second one (standard 16 pin OBD2).

Question becomes:

Patch TE1 and E1 will spit out codes.....on dash display?

Toyota 17 pin to 16 pin OBD OBD2 adapter is the proper item to correctly connect to the port?

Ultimately, is this just a proprietary port configuration prior to 1996 standardization?

OBD2 codes are the correct diagnostic reference?

Wow, that should be enough for an initial post.

Won't be frame off or anything, but lots of work to do to bring back to glory.


Oh yeah....is there a topic search in this forum?

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Hi Phil and welcome.

At the top of the page, and to the right, is a white box that is labeled "search". This search function accepts single word searches, multiple strings and phrases. At the end of the box you have a choice of several search engines. In my experience, Google seems to be the most accurate.

Unfortunately, I can't help you out with your other questions. You can send me a PM(personal message) by clicking on my avatar and just click on send PM.


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