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I own 2001 RX300 in good condition.

I am 500 miles from reaching 50K (warranty limit) and debating if I should buy extended warranty. I spoke to the dealer (Difeo Lexus) and they are offering United Auto (third party) warranty for additional 40K miles for $1,400. I am not sure: 1) if I should buy it from dealer or other companies 2) Given Lexus reputation do I need the warranty?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm no expert on the subject, but when we bought our RX 330, we opted to get the Lexus factory extended-service contract (I think they call it Platinum Premier coverage) that gives us 6 years/100K miles. The Lexus "sticker prices" for an RX 330 (and also for RX 300) are:

6 years/70,000 miles: $1775 with no deductible, $1725 with $50 deductible

6 years/100,000 miles: $1825 with no deductible, $1775 with $50 deductible

7 years/100,000 miles: $2150 with no deductible, $2100 with $50 deductible

When we were dealing with the finance manager, she said that the cost for us to get a 6 years/100,000 miles with no deductible would be $1160.

I'm not sure if the dealer with whom you spoke was directing you to a 3rd party provider because you're in a vehicle that has been on the road for a while, while we were looking at getting one at time of sale, but I had been led to believe that you could buy a Lexus extended-service contract from any Lexus dealer at any point before your eligibility expires. You might want to go back and question them, and/or contact another Lexus dealer to compare pricing. I believe the consensus from automotive writers is that a factory-based program is preferable to a 3rd-party program.

Good luck.


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