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Object Of Unknown Origin?


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Yesterday, March 27, 2014, I happend to drive by my Lexus dealer. And when I got in front of the lot there was this out the world, drop-dead gorgeous platinum Lexus like I have never seen before.Now I'll grant you I probably don't get out as much as I should, and as the owner of 3 ES350's and 1- RX350 you can tell I kind of like sedans. But I would wash down the grease racks every night at that dealer if they would just let drive it home every night.

The GS350 is a knock-out in the styling category. The molded, folded, angled, line makes it look dangerous just sitting still. Even the choice of wheels says "I fooled you. I am a Lexus."

Yes, it will take a year or so to tally the bugs and things the engineers should have done better. But holy cow Bat Man, with looks like this, I still would wipe down the grease racks and make the payments as well.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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