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Head Unit Change Of A 06 Is

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Hi guys,

I've been always a Lexus lover since having my first '95 LEXUS ES 300, recently I bought my 5th Lexus which is a 07 Lexus Is.The car has the standard single din CD player, I've always manged to change this stock device in my other Lexus ES and LS with the double din units, and mostly with the help of this forum, BUT this is my first experience with the IS models and the problem that I'm facing that i cannot find the installation kit for this car model to give me the the factory feel and looks.

I tried to search this forum also with no luck.

Is there any installation kit for a double din to my single din head-unit, and could anyone tell me where to buy it ?and if there any OEM for a dbl din as it is the case with my previous 02 ES 300, can anyone give the part no.?

in eight years my Lexus devoted friends in this club have never let me down, although I'm based in Dubai, and i hope it won't start now


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