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  1. Hi guys, I've been a member of this reputable forum for a while now, and i want it to share this as a small gesture of gratitude. coming home one night and parking the car as always ,and suddenly it was like Christmas came early to my dashboard. vsc light, trac light, this circle between two brackets , and the big C (check engine) all came on at the same time. i tried to put the car in gear as it was on Park, and a peeping sound came on and a message asking me to put the car in P shift position.!!!!!!!!!!!! i was baffled and i suspected the gear GOD forbids, and i had a misty idea that a loose fuel cap will trigger this symptoms but i had to check it in the morning , and it was the same movie all over again. Anyway i opened the fuel tank and tightened it up till I heard a click for three times. i started the car again with no change and as you can see i was really frustrated at this point . i left it for a couple of hours out of frustration and went to wok then i came back and started the car .......Shazam everything returned back to normal. and the LOOSE FUEL CAP was really the culprit as all experts agreed here. N.B: the beeping sound was coz i put the car on gear while the driver's door was open and of course the occuring message was of the same reason , as you see i was really panicking....... Thanks and I hope this will help someone .
  2. Hi guys, I've been always a Lexus lover since having my first '95 LEXUS ES 300, recently I bought my 5th Lexus which is a 07 Lexus Is.The car has the standard single din CD player, I've always manged to change this stock device in my other Lexus ES and LS with the double din units, and mostly with the help of this forum, BUT this is my first experience with the IS models and the problem that I'm facing that i cannot find the installation kit for this car model to give me the the factory feel and looks. I tried to search this forum also with no luck. Is there any installation kit for a double din to my single din head-unit, and could anyone tell me where to buy it ?and if there any OEM for a dbl din as it is the case with my previous 02 ES 300, can anyone give the part no.? in eight years my Lexus devoted friends in this club have never let me down, although I'm based in Dubai, and i hope it won't start now Thanks&regards,
  3. DEAR JC, my first lexus was an ES'95 model,it was unbeleivably good regarding the high mileage i bought it with,200k+,then have sold it and bought a'97 es,had minor problems with suspension and nothing more, sold it and bought an '02es with 60k best car ever.
  4. HEY LEXI AND STEVE, thx again for the replies,i hate to be a source of annoyment for such a tiny thing,but my excuse that i cherish this site a lot,and i love to see it complete and fulfilling. the e bay window isn't showing anymore,if someone found it PLZ, tell me how. respects.
  5. hi lexi, thx for the reply,i thought sw or steve also will be interested in replying,anyway the window was in the club page. after cliking on your car symbol in the home page,you'll be directed to a chat page with awindow of e bay,it was very useful shortcut btw. hope to hear from the manag.or the staff about it soon. regards.
  6. hi guys,;ove the new look,but one downside,where is the e-bay window at forums' page?
  7. hi MIKE, your experience result as you descriped is very tempting to applyaccording to your description;maybe you have a point as the head unit distribute all range of the notes and octaves adequately,so maybe it is the speakers as you suggested,i'll shop around for the BOUSTONS and look for the HARMEN CARDON (as used of course, or my wife will file for a divorce soon)also i'll see the SONY XPOLDE and the CLARION. i hope it will turn out well,and i'll post the outcomes soon. regards.
  8. hi guys, just wanna keep you posted,first thx MIKE for the reply,i searched hte e-bay,but as i expected nothing is suitable,most of the stuff out there are OEM which is the same of mine,i didn't even find the ML Vversion there,also no luck in the yards,maybe i'll try MIKE's idea although the audio specs are directly linked to the head unit i.e the bass and the treble especially the inferior ranged also the options of the preset music genres(jazz,rock,etc..) anyway,anyone who managed to change his stereo unit with a decent one,plz tell me your experience. thx
  9. hi PAUL, thanks for the full and complete reply,and also the detailed explanation,regarding the aftermarket replacement,i actually was looking for a tool or an installment that will allow me to change the OEM radio unit by a more suphosticated one w/o hurting the looks,i was able to find one of those before for my previous'95 and'97,but due to the design of the 2002 looks more complicated,i think it is harder.i'm a big acouastic fan and the stock radio not the nakamishi version is very humble although the speakers and built-in sub are great,anyway i will check the ebay and the salvation yards according to your advice,and also i will contact dcfish, thx for your great help
  10. HI GUYS, just got a new 2002es,the car is great BUT THE STOCK RADIO IS RIDICULOUS,compared to my previous '97,also the stereo cannot be easily changed by a dbl din aftermarket gadget as was the case with my'97 model,as you all know it comes as a one unit with a certain shape with the ac unit.also the radio skips some stations and the reception is not ok,and what the heck is the ASL SYMBOL,want to change the whole unit without hurting the appearance of my dish board. any help will be greatly appreciated. thx
  11. hi guys, want it to break the good news to all of my fellow lexusiens,i grabbed a nice 2002es with 57k -knock on wood-yesterday,it is giving me a great feeling B) ,you all know that a lexus does that better than any car,especially as i began my journey with es dynasty six years ago with a 95 than a 97,they had their bad days of course ,but the big picture was awesome,compared to any other cars, with the same age and condition those dear ones were.......... well,i'm speechless,i'll always cherish them ,anyway enough with the memory lane,i think the LEXUS wisemen can give me a tip or two to pamper my new baby ;) ,starting with........let's say EVERYTHING and untill then i'm in cloud no9. thanks you lexus and thank you all guys(i'm feeling like accepting an oscar) waiting for your replies.cheers
  12. HI GUYS, thx TK and LEXLOGIC for the replies and as expected by both of you, the iavc was the culprit :D . i'll get it replaced soon,and thx again for you valuable expertise and great help.
  13. hi guys, i had this annoying intermittent problem which i need to solve with your help i hope,i have a 97es300 which i adore ,i had a 95es before that one :) ,anyway when i start the car in the morning the car can't hold the idle ,it should go above the 1200 or 1300 rpm approx. then cools down to 750 rpm maybe after 7-10 min approx during the warming-up period, now when i start it in the morning the rpm barely reaches the 500 rpm and the car gets a little shaky and feels like dying :( and if i press the gas pedal it goes up and everything is normal again .and it does this only in the morning ,and not every morning ,but the case is getting worse and more frequent. any help from my fellow lexus clan will be greatly appreciated.
  14. my guess is that your speed sensor needs to be changed ,nothing wrong with cluster or so ever.i dont have enough info about its location.hope this will help all the best n.b: it's a very easy fix as i had the same problem 'n took it to a garage and done it in half an hour
  15. hi all, thx lexi and death for your replies,i want to break the good news for both of you,i finally got it ,here is what i done: - checked for vaccum leaks result:none -cleaned all the tb area again,i mean hoses switches and valves as i cleane iavc and the tb itself before. -[b]injectors and here the devil revealed himself,they were messy,that's the least to say. -to make sure i vaccumed my air filter -checked the fuel filter. and now thx to GOD ,my idle is tammed as calm lion. i don't know what really solved the problem,but considering i have 210k on my odometer,you can imagine my joy. i would like evevryone having the same problem to look for the thread of how to tkae care of your iavc and nourish it,i found it very helpful. thank you guys again and lexi i guess i c u on the highways now B)