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Chrome Wheels From 1995 Ls400 With Michelin Energy Mx-4V+ Tires - &#03

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Since I'm driving a GS430 nowadays and sold the 1995 LS400 I won't be using these wheels and tires.

The wheels are in good shape but could use a thorough cleaning. There is minor curb damage in a couple spots but the wheels are straight and look good when clean. They are 16" diameter x 7" wide and are chrome and do include the center caps. They do not include lug nuts.

The tires are Michelin Energy MX-4v+ tires in 225/60-16 size and they have a decent amount of tread left. But one tire has a bubble in the side wall and loses a bit of air from the bead near it. Look at the pictures for details of the bubble and where the air is leaking - I put some soapy water on it so you can see the soap bubbles at the leak. It's a somewhat slow leak - you need to add air about once a week - so you can drive on it but I would replace it at some point.

Asking $200. They're located in Columbus, Ohio and probably don't make sense to ship; shipping would be around $125 or so.

Pics attached.










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