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Car Adapter To Listen To Music From Mobile Devices


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Does anyone know a good solution for listening to music collections from iPhone or iPad in the car? I know that there are special car adapters for this. Can you suggest any? I was googling and the best reviews for connecting Apple devices has AUX Link car adapter. But before buying it I'd like to get some more information...Is someone using it? What's your opinion? Any other solutions?

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I bought AUX Link car adapter for my Lexus RX 350 almost one year ago. Totally satisfied. Great sound, no technical problems so far. Had to spend more time than I expected to install it, but finally it worked out well (I did the installation myself, but at any service center you can have it done in no time). I was buying here AUX Car Kits It's official store so they have lowest prices (at least when I was buying it) and free delivery. As for advantages of AUX Link, it can be also used as a charger and a hands-free kit. Moreover you can control the music using the buttons on the steering wheel or the car radio. Highly recommended.

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Guys, just wanted to share my personal experience. In the end made up my mind to buy AUX Link car adapter. I was trying to find the best deal and it's really cheaper to buy it at the official online store AUX Car Kits. The delivery took just five days. At first I tried to install it on my own, but experiences some troubles extracting the car stereo. So finally I had it installed in the nearest auto workshop. It took around 10 minutes. So far totally contempted with the adapter.


- crystal clear sound

- can be used as a charger

- with Bluetooth dongle can be used as a car hands-free kit

- music control with steering wheel buttons and buttons on the car head unit (very convenient)

- read all music formats

- compatible with my Apple devices, but there is also a 3.5 mm plug for other mobile devices

- free and fast delivery

- takes very little space and almost invisible

- now I can listen to all my favourite compositions without carrying piles of CDs.


- relatively expensive as I also bought additional Bluetooth dongle

- could't easily extract the head unit so had to go to service center

But taking everything into account, I believe it's a good price-quality ratio. So all in all it's worth it.
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I have a 2000 ES300 and couldn't find a decent aux in kit anywhere for my factory head unit. (premium sound system) I did finally find a guy in California through his ebay store to do a custom install for me. I had my head unit pulled and sent it to him. Looks professionally done and the quality of sound is amazing!

His name is John and it only costs $55 + shipping. Here is his website


For anyone who has an earlier model lexus and want to keep the factory unit look, contact him and he will set you straight. factoryradioservice@gmail.com

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I really like AUX Link and so far this is the best AUX/USB/iPod adapter I've found (I used to have Yatour and Grom before). I've already had one for my Toyota Verso for almost a year and now I've ordered the same adapter for my daughter's Peugeout 106 as a Christmas present.

The only negative comment is that this company always fails to deliver on time! They promise less than 7 days, but finally you receive the adapter in 10 or so... So if you buy it as a present for someone, keep in mind adding some 15 days to get it for sure....

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