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Is350 Headlights Issue

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Hi all

I recently bought a 2007 is350. The HID bulbs were going out so I had them replaced at a dealer. The next day I noticed that the passenger bulb had a purple tint. I read that when bulbs discolor purple it is a sign that they are going bad so I took it to the dealer and they replaced it again.

That night I noticed that again it was discolored purple. So I swapped the driver's side bulb and the passenger's side bulb and the purple tint stayed with the bulb. I drove about a week to see if the good bulb on the passenger side would change color but it stayed white compared to the bad bulb. So i toon it back to the dealer and they replaced the bad bulb.

Problem solved right? Wrong. Now that I have a brand new bulb on the driver's side I can see that the bulb on the passenger's side has a purple tint. So now I know there is something wrong with passenger side headlight. Maybe a bad ballast or bad wires?

Usually if the light turns purple its a sign of a bad bulb so I have no clue what else causes the bulb to discolor purple. I appreciate any help. This has been giving me a huge headache thinking that the dealer is pulling a fast one on me.

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