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Rx300 2001 Transmission Questions

Bob T

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I had problems with my RX300 in October of last year, the transmission just quit working. Ended up going to AAMCO and having the transmission rebuilt for many bucks. I noticed after the rebuild once and awhile when putting the gear selector in reverse, nothing would happen. I would then shift to the forward gears and they seemed to engage okay. Well this went on for over a month and then the transmission went out again in late December. Had it towed to AAMCO once again, they tore the tranny apart and found many parts were distroyed and blamed it on a thruster bearing. Finally got it out of the shop and all appeared fine for a week and a half and now I have noticed in the past week that when I move the selector to reverse there is nothing, I then move it to the forward gears and the vehicle will move, then go back to reverse, increase rpms and the car will jump into gear. I have been back to AAMCO and they will take it for a ride and say all is fine.

Has anyone ever heard of this? Like I said earlier, this doesn't happen daily, just about once a week or so. Would appreciate any assistance with this as the AAMCO dealer has no clue as to what could be causing this problem.

Thanks. Bob

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Hi Bob, we're glad your here,

Welcome to the world of "Drive Thru" car service. I'm not sure my heart can take it but may I ask how much have you given AAMCO so far. It really doesn't make any differance but some educations are more exspensive than others.LOL

First, you don't say how many miles you have on your 2001 RX300. That is very importanr. Secondly, have you been the only owner? If so, has it had any transmission repair before? If you bought it used, do you have any of the service records from the previous owner? What other repairs or maint. has it had? Has it ever been in a collision?

Try to collect that information as best you can. I know it seems like a lot, but when your fellow club members try to figure out the problem we don'r have the benefit of looking at your tranny up close and personal.

Come back when your ready.


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Thanks for the reply Paul,

As far as mileage, it has nearly 127k. My son bought this car back in 2003 from the original owner and it had all the maintenance receipts, etc. He gave it to me about 5 years ago. He, like myself take good care of our vehicles (ie. oil changes, transmission oil changes, etc.), it never gave me an ounce worth of trouble except for some motor or actuator that activated the vent controls located behind the glove box. Oh, forgot, Lexus did do some exhaust replacement and changed an O2 sensor this fall. To the best of my knowledge that is it. My other son is a master mechanic at on of the dealerships here and usually helps me with all of my mechanical problems. As for AAMCO, it cost nearly 4k with a three year warranty. I can't think of anything else.

Thanks for the prompt reply,


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Thanks Bob. Thats fine.

With this information someone should be able to come up with some possibilities and things that may have been over looked. I find it very hard to believe how you can take apart the whole transmission at $4,000. a whack, then claim you can't find the little problem it was brought in for.

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