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Multiple Electrical Issues, Help


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Suddenly I had those unrelated issues together yesterday afternoon from my 2002 Lexus LS 430:

1. remote key could not lock or unlock the doors

2. inside the car, could not open the trunk door, could open manually with the remote key

3. inside the car, could not open the gas door, had to open the trunk and pull the rope

4. inside the car, power door lock not working, could not open other side windows, except the driver side window

5. could not adjust both side mirrors

6. if leave the headlights on auto, lights would stay on after turning off the car and locked the door.

all other works and no issue driving.

checked all 6 fuse boxes, no issue.

The funny thing was that around 8 pm, all worked and back to normal.

This morning, all worked, around 2 pm, all issues resumed.

I had battery died a week ago, AAA checked and no issue with the battery, might leave the radio on too long the night before without starting the car.

Had a custom Kenwood radio/back camera combo.

Please help.

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Just a thought, but try forcing everything without stable memory to reset. First, make sure the battery positive connection is good. Then disconnect the battery ground for at least 30 seconds and replace it with quick / firm contact with the battery (no multiple arcs). Somewhere in the owners manual there is a list of things you then need to reset, such as moving the seats to the end of range to calibrate the memory. I just did a quick look and could not find the right section, so it might be somewhere not obvious.

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