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Phone Locks Volume When Plugged In To Usb


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When I play music via Bluetooth, everything operates fine (volume is operable via both car and iphone), but when I plug my phone in to the USB for charging, the volume locks and becomes mute. It cannot be unmuted or unlocked via car or phone in any way I've tried.

Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody have a solution? Thanks!

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Check your owners manual for the devices that are compatible with the USB in your car - I don't see iPhone listed in your owners manual. It's on the Lexus website but I can't seem to paste a link to it.

I know that the USB in my wife's 2012 Prius is not compatible with her iPhone - only with "dumb" MP3 players, flash memory and specific iPod's. What we did was to buy a 2-outlet USB adapter for the auxiliary power port (i.e. same adapter as used in a cigarette ligher port) and plug the USB phone chargers into it. The twin outlets allow charging two phones at the same time.

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