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Premium Fuel Required?

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I have a 2011 GS-350. Inside the fuel door it says "premium fuel required". I really don't see why I should use only premium fuel since this engine is the same engine used in Toyota's which don't require premium fuel. What is your opinion?

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Hi Jim and welcome to the LOC>

Don't feel alone for this question comes up several times a year. There is really only one official guidline to follow. That is the fuel reccomended in your Owners Manual. This citation is what Lexus requires to back any warranty claims derived from using the wrong fuel.

Where I live, we have always had 87,89,&91 octane gasoline. The 89 contained 10% ethanol. My Owners Manual allows for this type of fuel. Now, over the last two months, the State Gov. has stopped selling 89 octane and now, we only have 87 Octane, 87 octane with 10% ethanol. and 91 octane, no ethanol.

Sinse these changes, I have moved to 91% straight gasoline. It's better for the engine, and there is evidence that ethanol needs to be in a higher blend ratio if it is help us continue reduce free CO2 molecules.

My advice is to check your Owners Manual and ask a Service Advisor at your dealer. IMO, if your wallet is nice and fat, using 91 octane takes care of all of the questions.


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......I have 3 cars, 2 require 91 and the volvo takes 87. Your best bet for better performance is to use 91. In an emergency I would have no problem using 87 although you might hear pinging or knocking going up hill. Probably less problem if you have half tank of 91 and mix in half of 87. The compression rating of motor is factor in needing 91. Could you do me favor. I have 2009 GL350 that was just worked on by dealer, I notice that on front right inside wheel well, under hood, that there is a AC hose connector bracket and right below that there is AC hose with fitting ment to be attached to bracket. Mine is not connected and dealer says that is OK. Hard to believe. Is the one on your car connected to the anchor bracket? Thanks JimB

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