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Ok, so I took the plunge and added a second Lexus to my garage, this time a GS300, 1994, Black on Brown/Tan, 18" rims, Vented rotors, 12-CD Changer, Heated seats, 250Watt Power Amp, Traction Control, the whole package. (as far as I can tell). Cold Air intake, K&N Air Filter. Even got the stock 16" rims.

Picked it up yesterday, and ride is incredible for the miles. Higher mileage (169K, obviously highway), but a great price, I think! ($6750). Oil changed every 3000 miles, Garage kept, not a ding anywhere on the body!

So a few questions:

Is there a way to tell if it has the touring package?

The trim piece around the drivers window is broken (someone tried to break in). Any ideas where can pick this up, other than Lexus. I get a lttlewind rush at that point around the window, and know that replacing it will eliminate the noise completely.

Also, the woodgrain trim piece on the top of the center dash console (around the clock and vents) is a little rough. Is there a place I could purchase just that part that I can get a atch, or am I resigned to purchase the kit and do the entire interior.

Needs an oil change now, so I am going to be changing it over to synthetic.

Anythin in particular I need to know about the cld air intake? I have red the threads, so I have some of the basics as the hows and whys.

Anything I should be on the lookout for?

Thanks for the replies.

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