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Homelink Button Gets Stuck And Opens The Garage Door On Its Own!

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Yesterday, I came back from work to see that our garage door was left open all day then in the middle of the night, I saw that it was opened again. Luckily, nothing was taken from our garage. When I checked the homelink button, it was jammed in (stuck) which most likely is causing this. When I tested the button, it keeps getting stuck. How do I fix this?

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Same thing happens to us. If there's a cheap fix for this, I can't find it. Obviously, you could have Lexus change out the Homelink switches, but hold on to your wallet. This is a common enough failure/complaint that it has been posted on other forums, but I have yet to see a fix posted, like disassemble and lube the switch assembly or something inexpensive.

At this point I simply remember that it can occur, and verify that the button has popped back out once I have pressed it.

Stupid thing!

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If the button is getting physically stuck (as opposed some internal electrical problem) you may want to try using an electronic cleaner and lubricant spray such as that sold by Radio Shack. Just spray a little directly into the gap between the button and the molding.

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