Aftermarket Headlight Assembly '05 Rx330?

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Looking for some direction, we have the HID, AFS, auto leveling version for an 05 RX330. Seeing lots of posts with moisture problems and a $2,200 repair cost if you take it to your Lexus dealer. Is there a less expensive way to fix this problem? I found a local parts supplier that claimed to have a $250 assembly that would work, but it did not have the auto leveling feature. Just need for the passenger/right side.

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Thanks for the lead. The question I can't get Lexus to answer is if the 07 RX350 headlight assembly (part 81145-0E031) would work in my '05 RX330 (part 81145-0E030). Difference in cost is $600 vs $1300. Most eBay sellers claim they are interchangeable, but the Lexus dealers just plug in my VIN and kick out the more expensive part.

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