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  1. Thanks for the lead. The question I can't get Lexus to answer is if the 07 RX350 headlight assembly (part 81145-0E031) would work in my '05 RX330 (part 81145-0E030). Difference in cost is $600 vs $1300. Most eBay sellers claim they are interchangeable, but the Lexus dealers just plug in my VIN and kick out the more expensive part.
  2. Looking for some direction, we have the HID, AFS, auto leveling version for an 05 RX330. Seeing lots of posts with moisture problems and a $2,200 repair cost if you take it to your Lexus dealer. Is there a less expensive way to fix this problem? I found a local parts supplier that claimed to have a $250 assembly that would work, but it did not have the auto leveling feature. Just need for the passenger/right side.
  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums vettemjd :)