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Typical Types Of Problems With '92 Models

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I bought this '92 lexus with 217,000 miles on it. so far it has no problems except all the interior wood items are falling off and the buttons on the doors fell off. Also the side mirror's no longer work. Is all of this normal? what else should I start to look for to go wrong with this car. My boss used to change the oil every 2 months and drove with only premium gas with a fuel injector cleaner every tank. so far the only thing he has replaced that I know of is the belt and the back rotors. The leather doesn't look great either it is all wrinkly and some parts are cracked. Is there a way to just recondition the leather to make it look better or do I have to replace it. sorry about all the questions but this is my first import car and first luxury car. I only paid 2500 for the thing so i don't expect it to be perfect but I am trying to find out if it will last a while with so many miles on it.

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Yes, check the forum, but especially look for the following: (very common for first generation LS400's)

1. Is the power steering pump leaking?

2. Is the high pressure power steering hose leaking?

3. Are the upper and lower ball joint bushings torn?

4. Are the engine and transmission mounts torn?

5. Is the water pump leaking?

6. Are all four windows going up and down properly?

7. Turn on headlights, have someone press and release the brake while you stand behind the car and check to make sure that all lights are functioning correctly. (3 on left, 3 on right).

Last but not least, check if the timing belt has been replaced the second time. It is necessary for a car with that kind of mileage.

Good luck! B)

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Also the instrument cluster illumination lights (panel and needles), as well as the heat-A/C control panel tends to go black on these cars after time. I have been lucky with my car, as my 90 still has all of the instrument panel lights in perfect working order, but it is possible that they have already been repaired. Good luck.

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