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I just bought a used 92 ls 400 from my boss and the radio was dead so I bought a new stereo but the 2 front speakers at the top of the door and the 8" sub do not work. I was told there is a little box that these hook up to and it may have a loose connection or something. does anyone know where this box is? Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for a 92 lexus ls400. I checked the owners manual and it doesn't say anything about the speaker setup. Also does anyone know where I can get the computer changed in the car so I can twin turbo it?

Thankz for any reply's

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Sounds like you now have a Pioneer aftermarket headunit and an adapter to your speaker wires. Guessing the new head unit has an internal amp also. I would have the speakers checked to see if they are blown out, if they are ok I would recheck the wireing at the headunit. The subwoofer amp is located in the cornor of the trunk, drivers side next to the gas tank. The subwoofer speaker is in the rear shelf. Since you traded out your original head unit it is very possible their is no signal/power going to the subwoofer amp/subwoofer. Again you may have a wiring issue with the new headunit and it is questionable if it is compatable with the original equipment. From what I have read if you start changing audio equipment to aftermarket you may have to change over everything except the door speakers which are 4ohm. My preference would of been to stay with an all Lexus audio system and upgrade to a Lexus factory cd changer system.

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