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Gx470 Suspention Issue

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New member. Read notes with interest about rear end problems. We have same issues with bad ride. We have: greased drive shaft, replaced drive shaft not once, but twice. New shocks, new height control sensors, both sides, new tires. Sometimes the ride is OK, some times not. Lexus says, the car meets "specifications." They are sick of us bringing the car back. My question to all you experts,

Have any Lexus dealers been able to fix this problem once and for all. If not, what other options do we have?

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Does the back end drop down overnight? You might have an air leak in the little air tank above the axle on the drivers side. I had a leak on one of the solenoids. Changed out the resivor and now things are good.

Take a measurement somewhere in the back and keep track of it... You might be loosing air in the system letting the rubber bumpers hit the rear end housing. We kind had the same problems.

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Changing the tank fixed the problem with the vehicle dropping in the rear overnight. You say you have a bad ride, it sounds like you don't have enough clearance between the rear axle and the rubber bumpers. Your rear suspension might be bottoming out on the snubbers. You need to have the rear end brought up a bit to give you more clearance.


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