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Recall Notice For The Intelligent Power Module

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I got the notice yesterday, and they say they will inspect the inverter, and replace the module if 'necessary'.

I called my service manager, made an appointment and he did verify that not all will be replaced if they pass inspection. He said it takes twenty minutes to figure that out, and i would get a loaner vehicle if they go ahead with the replacement. I told him i wanted mine replaced without question, and he said in all likelyhood a 2006 would get the IPM replaced. As our vehicles age and fall off warranty it seems to me we would want as many of these electronic parts fixed before its on our dime. I will check in tomorrow with what actually happened at the dealer. In the past i have been treated very well there.

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took the 400h in yesterday for an oil change and the module work. they gave me the loaner and called two hours later saying yes the part needed replacing however they were out of replacement boards, and just keep the loaner it would be ready wednesday, (today). Picked up the car today, work is done. Had to ask them to do the ISC reset since they disconnect the battery for this work, and was on my way. They did provide a full tank of gas as is customary with all Lexus warranty work.

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