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  1. I have an 06 400h with 180,000 miles its been a great car, did not like the plain next gen style, and I like the 450h interior and most of the vehicle styling except for the front ugly nose. Also I have looked at an Audi Q5, much better handling, acceleration and looks all around are fine. The technology inside the audi is incredible. Not sure about the upkeep of a german car, I think Toyota overall is more reliable. Should I keep the RX and invest in tires, brakes, and front boot? Go Audi for some fun? or back to rx and not look at the front ugly nose? thanks for your consideration, dave
  2. Thanks for this topic, I am at 180,000 miles on my 06 400h, and at a point where I need tires, front brakes, and likely the boot seals replaced on the suspension. Engine, battery and tranny are strong and I have always serviced it well. I am wondering if its time to trade it in. Love the new Lexus interior hate the grill. Audi Q5 seems perfect except for the frequent problems owners seem to have as posted in their forums. The Lexus reliability has been great, do I invest a couple thousand in my current car, or go for new, what do you think. Thank you in advance for any replies.
  3. The interior of the 2016 is fantastic, agree that would have to get one in a dark color, to blend grille and roofline, there is a 15 hybrid new on the lot with F sport options that I have my eye on about six grand off sticker........
  4. use the grey synthetic felt to replace carpet pad in a vehicle, it is what the factory stuff is made of, any foam will not hold up and the moisture barrier is only from the top and less useful in a car. you need the density of the felt pad for wear and it is better at noise reduction also. you can use any contact or spray adhesive, it does not need that much. we have been in the floorcovering business for 58 years in seattle, most carpet stores should have a small piece of the felt for you, it comes six feet wide and is not expensive.
  5. Mine has done the same thing since almost day one in 2005, I have a great dealer but for some reason I waited a year to complain about it and they said the only solution is to replace the entire center stack, they cannot replace the clock only. I was told they would do that in the first twelve months of ownership only at lexus expense and it would be my responsibility after that. This dealer has helped me with other things and as I said been honest and reliable so I just decided to live with it, but it does look like it is a more common problem than what I was led to believe.
  6. Wow Lisa, my service manager at my dealer and I make an appointment and he reserves a loaner RX for me. They also would rent a car for you at my dealership if they are out of loaners however my service guy doesn't have this problem, he takes care of his customers, do you have one person dedicated to your account?
  7. 137,000 miles oil changes every 4 to 5K, very reliable, brakes last longer, had the dealer do all maintenance but we have a good one south of seattle, we talk about what is really needed and what is 'extra'. only failures were radiator, water pump and front right wheel bearing all covered under warranty or extended warranty. best vehicle I have ever owned.
  8. I was advised of a recall on my 2006 400h for the dashboard cracking...
  9. Lexus developed the main traction battery to last the life of the vehicle. That meant keeping the charge of the battery never too full, or letting it go too low, that is why you rarely see all the full bars on the meter that is normal, and it is normal for it to start charging itself with its own generator if you go to two bars, only when the ignition is on of course. Premium gas gives you more power but also more mpg so the extra cost is covered by the increased gas mileage and the engine in your model was designed for premium. It takes two or three tanks of premium to consistently produce the best mileage, driving, ac use and the ambient temperature all factor in to this. Since the main battery is more efficient in warm weather there is better mpg on all grades of gas in the summer rather than the winter. I have had mine new since 2005 and it is the best vehicle I have ever owned.
  10. also if you buy a phone from a major carrier you have a return period usually 14 days where it can be returned for any reason, so go buy a phone without worry
  11. every apple phone I have owned including my i6 has synched easily with my 2006 400h, if it has Bluetooth it should be no problem
  12. I purchased my 06 400h new and at 120,000 miles it is still going strong, the only electrical issue with this car is the rather small conventional battery(so don't sit in the car and listen to the radio with the engine off) , however once started the hybrid battery takes over. the water pump and the timing chain done at 88K were the major items that could go wrong outside of the hybrid system which has been reliable. At 120K spark plugs are usually changed so that is the next major service outside of your current 95K. Check the headlights for condensation there is a recall on those if they are collecting water that could short out the ballast. You have no alternator in this vehicle and the rear lights are led. If it is a fair deal price wise for you I would buy it, most dealers keep the better used cars on the lot and auction off the others.
  13. I am sorry if it is not clear, as I said I go to a dealer south of seattle and have lived in Seattle all my life, thanks
  14. I purchased my 06 400h new and it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned, it has 117,000 miles at this time. We have an incredible Lexus dealer south of seattle and I have always had it serviced there. My service manager charges me $50 for their oil change, I supply synthetic oil. While returning from todays oil change my airbag light continues to stay on as I drive the car. Anyone else have this happen? What are the possible causes, this car has had 24 oil changes so I imagine its a coincidence it happened on the way home from one. The only different thing I had done was have it washed in their auto wash system, I have always hand washed it, this was the first auto wash in 9 years, it was freezing here in the Pacific NW. Thank you in advance for all your help, dave
  15. many years ago my 2006 400h would do this, the ignition would lock up randomly and it took a lot of wiggling, pressure on the key while in the lock, and trial and error to get the key to work sometimes. Please understand this is totally unrelated to the steering wheel locking the ignition. I could tell when it HAD happened after the fact when I took the key out and the tumblers inside did not click normally. Finally during a service visit to the dealer, at a time when it was working normally, I told them about it, they squirted graphite inside at no charge and it fixed the problem permanently.
  16. if you are in a dark garage and the lights are on auto on the stalk you will see them sweep left to right when you first start the vehicle, they will auto adjust on startup one time. also there should be an AFS off switch on the left of the dash by the steering column, so the feature can be turned on and off.
  17. there is a square button near your door unlock button on the drivers door that has been pushed down, it is to keep children from opening the door from the inside. unclick this button and everything will be normal
  18. good luck on the new purchase, something new to modify!
  19. yes penzoil titanium full synthetic, I will have them look at the pcv valve. Also for the issue on CD's vehicle. I just remembered my friends late model buick with 49K woke up one morning with this same problem. I have a trusted local mechanic and he said over the phone the GM coils were known to go out early, I think her v6 has three coils. He got the car and found ONE wire chewed by a critter in the wiring harness. Being honest he repaired that wire only forless than $100 instead of ordering a new harness and the car works perfectly. CD do you think you have a chewed wire they have not looked for or found yet. Could that be the reason your problem came back, even after the first repair? what do you think
  20. Lenore I wonder about the same thing too, altho this we don't see many problems like cd's posted on the forums At 108K my 400h is starting to use oil, even after excellent maintenance, not crazy about that.
  21. so just to be clear, this is the same recall as 2011 just a wider scope of cars? and it is the same module being replaced now as in 2011 so if it was done then you are not included in this recall? Or is this a new issue with the same components?
  22. this was happening at 40mph also, prior to the tsb, and the reprogramming corrected it, also have them do an isc reset, if the updates at the dealer have not been done, there is a good chance this needs attention too.
  23. remember also there is the noise that sounds like low level vibration, vacuum, buzzing that it think is the fuel system purging built up vapors, sorry for the non technical words, you hear it at shut down in the garage when its quiet, and i think it happens randomly while the engine is on.
  24. independent radiator guy looked at my radiator, found a crack on the left side, is replacing it for $600 total, got him toyota antifreeze from toyota dealer ship, half of what lexus dealer wanted. are the two systems for the hybrid cooling separate from the radiator engine cooling even tho they use the same fluid, i would think they are.
  25. I am in temperate seattle where we are lucky to have mild temperatures, its my understanding the timing chain is usually done at 90K as a precaution but that it easily goes 125K and beyond. To get to the water pump it was my understanding that the timing chain and belts and hoses were easy to change as well and i just paid for the belts and hoses but no additional labor, that was covered under the water pump extended warranty labor. It seemed at the time to be a cost benefit since i was going to do it at 90K anyway.