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  1. So I have an '06 Rx400H and recently started to experience something similar. A humming noise around 50-60 mph, and I can feel a vibration thru the gas pedal. If I swerve steering wheel back and forth, at speed, the sound changes, only when I turn to left. Anyway after googling a bunch of clues, I think I have a bad wheel bearing. Your symptoms sound similar, maybe???
  2. Welcome to the club. I just upgraded to the Droid Ultra and am having a dozy of a time with the phone. I have an 06 RX400h, and had great concerns about the syncing of new phone to car. First phone paired, and connected, until the next day and phone calls wouldn't go thru Bluetooth. 9 out of 10 times it wouldn't go through. Both phone and car showed that they were connected, but no Bluetooth. Spent 3 days with Lexus, Verizon,(they said it was car), and Motorola,(they confirmed car compatibility). Finally Verizon sent me a new phone, and all was well, UNTIL the operating system updated to the
  3. CA is GREAT, I have family in Solana Beach and Cardiff, would love to live there. I'm thinking that my tires may be the problem for poor gas mileage. I put them on 11/11 @ 63.5k and now I have 87K, and the tires look tired... Hoping Costco will have some next month. NJ roads are so beat up, I sure that doesn't help either. The 13 mpg is just irking me.. Next fill up, I'll calculate manually.
  4. This winter has been the worst in years, lots of single digits, and 70" in snow, we're expecting another storm today into tomorrow....then temps to drop 0 and below for the next week or so. Time to think about AZ. haha I'll check tires again tomorrow, if we only get the 3-6" they're calling for, otherwise it will have to wait. Car engine kicks in as soon as I start the car, and seems to run too often. Getting 13 mpg seems way too low, just thought something was wrong somewhere. I have Parada X tires on, and I have to say, I'm disappointed in the performance. About 25K miles on them and the
  5. Up until 2 weeks age, I was getting 24 - 26 mpgs. Car has 87K and has been serviced with oil changes and tire rotation. Changed the air filter and cabin filter recently. checked tire pressure, all @ 30 psi. Can't think of why mpgs dropped so much. Sometimes when car is in the green mode, (green lines on display) it says that I'm only getting 40 - 50 mpg, use to read 99. Any ideas for me to check? Want to make an apt to have transmission fluid changed this week, drain and fill, no flush, right? Will check antifreeze later today. Thanks. Pat
  6. Matt, Did you check the hose that is behind the air filter housing? Sometimes it comes loose after the air filter has been changed or checked. I think my codes were P0440, 0442, and 0446, not sure many years ago. Good Luck.
  7. I have an 06 also, and recently lost both headlights at the same time. I was concerned it was more than the light bulbs because the left headlight was replaced in 2010 and the right was original, how could they burn out at the same time? Did the internet search and went to the local garage armed with all kinds of solutions..... $30.00 and 15minutes later, all I needed was new bulbs. Good as new. Good luck.
  8. My battery is new, less than 2 years old. I'm going to call the parking lot today and ask, because yesterday I had to reset the seat belt buzzer to off again. Very strange??? Just so glad to have the CD player working again.
  9. UPDATE: My CD player now works. It was nothing that I did, however I think it might have reset itself after a battery cable had been disconnected for about a week. I parked my car at an off-site parking lot @ Newark airport last week and when I picked up the car last night, I noticed that the average MPG's had been reset to zero (1.1). Then on my way home I noticed that the clock was incorrect by an hour, reset the DST and the time corrected itself. Occassionally I hit the load button, hoping something will happen, and OMG, the door opened. Today I tried to eject the CD but it wouldn't come
  10. I also received my recall - parts in stock - notice. Have not made the call yet. Let us know what what Lexus says.
  11. Would also like to know how you got the CD out. I also have one stuck and have tried everything short of a hammer.. Would welcome all suggestions..
  12. I too have noticed a drop in MPG, I know that in the winter months the gas engine runs more often, so there is a decrease, however I'm down about 5 mpg. Brought up the PSI to 35 not much of a change. Maybe my driving is different in the winter??? Hope you like you Paradas, would like your thoughts.
  13. Two words - Love 'em. We haven't had any snow, but the rain has been be pretty nasty and they have performed wonderfully. The car seems to hug the road much better that before. With the OEM's, I always felt like the back end was going to slide out on me, not now. Haven't noticed any humming or noise, and since I don't do alot of miles, they're still looking great on wear. Couldn't be happier. Bought new wipers at Costco, also great buy, and 2 second install.. Maybe it will be a mild winter, one can only hope... I would highly recommend the Parada's - 5 stars.
  14. I don't have an error message, that's the strange element to all this.The CD player looks like it's ready to go, just no juice. Good thing I can't find my hammer While running around on my errands today I was looking for an audio place to stop and see if they could check this out, but didn't see anything. Guess I'll check the phone book tomorrow. I'm so OCD just knowing that I can't push the DISC button and have the ## thing work. I know, be grateful for having a car.. and the $$ for the gas. This is a small thing. Happy Friday
  15. I went to use the CD player today and nothing happened when I pushed the Disc button. I have 1 CD in the player, which shows on the screen. So I pushed the eject button, nothing. Then tried the load button, nothing. Turned car on and off, zip.. Whipped out the manual and couldn't find anything that would help. It's acting as if it's not recognizing any of the commands. Is the a fuse I should look for? Or is there something I did when wiped down the dash? Not that I use it alot, but would like to get the CD out. Thanks, Pat
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