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Bridgestone Ecopia 422

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I just slapped on a new set of Bridgestone Ecopia tires on my 07 400h and so far I'm very satisfied. They had a $70 rebate and had a $30 discount off of installation at Costco. So far, the MPG increased from 29.5 to 30.3. The gas light usually comes on around 400 miles, but this time it came on at 417 miles. I guess they do save some gas by it's LRR technology. So far I'm very pleased with the new tires. They are replacing the OEM michelins.

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The OEM Michelins are LRR tires too ;)

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I've loved prior Michelins we've purchased aftermarket ... but the ones that came with our 400h wore out in record time. True ... in part it was due to the defective steering ecu that Lexus somewhat begrudgingly replaced. But by the time they finally got done jerking us around and replaced the parts recalled under the TSB - we'd probably lost a good half year's worth of tread. (sigh) Our 2nd set of treads (Michelins) on the 400h are now shot too - at 50,000 miles. I'm trying the Ecopias this time.
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