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Lexus Of Orlando At Winter Park: Unprofessional, Dishonest And Deceitf


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I recently had a horrible experience with Lexus of Orlando in Winter Park which involved fraud, dishonesty and unprofessionalism. I was shopping for a 2011 GS 350 and was talking to 4 other Lexus dealers outside my area because my local dealer had the most awful prices. I was told by the sales team that they would meet and beat any price offer from a Lexus competitor. Let me tell you folks, after all the leg work and 3 other nice quotes from outside Lexus dealers, when I provided these quotes to D.W. of Lexus of Orlando he became quite hostile, bashing other dealers, calling my quotes bull s&*t! D.W. was rude, dishonest, deceitful and unprofessional. He became physically intimidating (while sounding like a d-bag, i hoped he would put his dirty little hand on me, but he stopped short and just decided to invade my personal space) He told me that he would not honor any of the signed quotes and told me if I wanted to do business with him I would have to pay the additional $200/month on his contract. So much for advertising meet and beat by $1000, total lies and deceit by this dealership. Long story short, he told me to go buy my 2011 Lexus GS 350 from another dealership and I proceeded to ask him if they taught him that in Salseman school; send the client to other dealerships to purchase their car, lol...Well I did, $599/month including all the taxes for a 2011 Lexus GS 350 Mark Levinson (54,600 Sticker Price). Thank you very much Lexus of Melbourne...

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