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Several Dash Controls, Ac, Power Locks, Radio (Buttons) Stopped Workin


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I have a 2001 Lexus RX300. Recently the VSC Track Off CEL came on. I thought I knew what triggered it (drove with emergency brake on for short time). The lights eventually went off.

Yesterday they came back on and today my radio buttons (station selection) do not work although the sound/volume works fine. My AC control do not work. My driver's side window control works but all three others do not (from the driver's side) but do work from their respective controls.

Sunroof works, digital display is not displaying properly (station info/cruise/temp)as it is blank with lines running through it. The keyfob won't lock/unlock doors on drivers side but still makes beeping noise. Drivers side window/door lock buttons do not work. None of the controls on the dash work except for those for the radio, but the buttons used for changing/setting stations (up under the digital display) are not working at all.

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Hows your cars battery? Any chance it's going dead? It could be that the car is shutting down all nonessential components to keep enough power for the engine...

However my guess is that it's more serious than that. :(

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