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Engine Problems

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2007 lexus is250 awd 45k miles. i have 2 issues, unsure if they're related.

1) when i push the start engine button, the engine starts with a quick 2 rattling noise, then stop, engine starts.

2) when im at a complete stop(sign, light), engine shakes a bit and feels like it will stop.

both of these happen intermittenly.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Your first concern is the intake timing gears rattling when starting until oil pressure builds up. The second concern is due to carbon build-up on the valves. The dealer will replace your timing gears and do a top engine cleaning to take care of both of these concerns. Both are covered under your powertrain warranty for 6years/70,000 miles.

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thanks guys for the help.

i've brought my IS to a local dealer and explained the two issues and also mentioned about the TSB. they said the difference between recalls/tsbs are recalls are mandatory and tsbs they would have to duplicate the problems in order to fix it.

so, this is the 2nd time i've been here with the same issues. the first time, a tech and myself test drove the vehicle around the block and unable to duplicate. and the 2nd time(yesterday), they were also unable to duplicate the 2 issues mentioned.

i advised them these issues don't happen all the time and it's a hit/miss ...happened liked 1 every 15-20 times. it's getting very frustrating. i don't know what else to do.

what are my options? please assist. thanks very much guys!

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