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  1. Sorry, but this doesn't make sense! <_< I agree with CODE58. I have been working with Lexus for 14 years and Toyota for 6 years before that. I don't see how an oil pump affects oil consumption. But, then again, the service consultant doesn't usually know a whole lot about cars anyway. I'm sure the primary concern was the valve seals, not completely unusual, which seems to have been taken care of at the same time. I'm sorry to hear you had a scare with your Lexus, but I'm glad to hear your local dealership stood behind their product(something you wouldn't get anywhere else). The RX300 is one of the best cars we have ever produced and we try to promote an entire ownership experience. Good luck and enjoy your car!
  2. What's so ridiculous about a major suspension component? WAAAAAAAH! My 300k mile car is worn out! I want a good-as-new-from-the-dealer part for the price of a can of soda!
  3. What the hell is a 460 sel? If you are referring to an LS460, then, yes you can turn it off without concern to the braking system. Just use the switch on the instrument panel.
  4. All the sensors, including the spare tire, are located in the valve stem. I have seen threads on this subject before and no one knows seems to know how to disable the feature. You can't "disable" the system. If what you are trying to do is just make the light stay off while you play musical wheels, get a pneumatic tire like that for a wheel barrow. Throw all 5 sensors in the tire, pump it up to about 40psi and leave it in the trunk. Use regular rubber valve stems for all of your many wheels and never worry about the light coming on.
  5. Did anything get wet? Nav screen? Did you look in the hatch to see if water is entering the vehicle where the Nav ECU is located?
  6. Your concern may be one of a number of things. Have you had the timing belt replaced recently? I have seen improperly routed cam position sensor wires rub through after a while and create the open circuit that sets this code.
  7. WAAAAAAAH!!! I have 100,000 miles on my car and I have to fix something! ROFLMAO! P.S. The problem with your locks/lights is the ignition lock cylinder. The tumblers start to come loose and it won't trip the micro switch when you take the key out of the ignition-ECU thinks you left the key in the ignition. Get a new one and have it re-keyed to match your existing keys. Seen it a million times.
  8. LX470 is an indesructible tank. Make sure timing belt is replaced at 90,000 miles. Some may experience failure of the height control sensor(s).
  9. Safety Recall ALF: "The construction of the steering shaft is such that the snap ring on the shaft may disengage when the vehicle experiences an unusually severe impact to the front wheels (for example, striking a deep pothole in the roadway). If the snap ring becomes disengaged and the steering wheel is then repeatedly turned to the full locked position, over time the steering shaft may become disconnected which could result in a loss of steering control." I have performed a number of these. You should have had yours done already.
  10. wanted to know if should use synthetic mercon or stick with the toyota *BLEEP*.....thanks Use Toyota T-IV ATF. Should need 5-6 qt.s with a reman unit from Lexus.
  11. Relay for A/C light flashing applies to only '02-'04 ES300 and '03-'04 GX470 p/n 90987–02028 Relay, Magnet–Clutch. fpt2001, yours sounds like a seized A/C compressor. Earlier models- Check and adjust/replace A/C drive belt. Fans are electric and are not driven by any belts.
  12. Throttle plate won't open all the way if the engine isn't running. Throttle cable pulls electric motor that does all the work. I think you're barking up the wrong tree. Can you get the engine to rev up with shifter in neutral or park? Is the idle smooth? Is MIL on?
  13. The details are that a thin rubber strip is inserted between the top window run and door frame to keep the window regulator from jamming all the way up. It works and you won't have to slam your back door any more.
  14. Good call, TA. Nothing works better than OEM brake pads on these cars. Squeeling brakes would drive me up a wall!
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