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Passenger Door Doesnt Lock...

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Hey guys,

I have been an owner of my 99es300 for all of 3 days now, and today I noticed my first problem. The drivers side passenger door will not lock. I tried locking the door with the key as well as from the inside, and it wont secure.

I have done some research on the board and see that some of you had issues with the door opening from the outside but able to lock from inside. I cant securely lock mine at all.

Should I reach out to dealer to get an idea on fixing?

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Chances are that the actuator rod from the lock to the the actual locking mechanism has come off the locking mechanism. Its held on with a plastic clip, which may have broken, or simply come undone and fallen into the bottom of the door.

Regardless, the only way to know for sure and then make a repair is to remove the inner door panel and the plastic weather shield and take look. Been there, done that, not a lot of room, not a lot of fun, but doable for a DIYer with some patience. Good Luck!

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